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Special Report: The Shocking Statistic About Growing Old

From: Cody Sipe, PhD and Dan M. Ritchie, PhD,

You’re about to discover a shocking statistic that will change the way you think about your health and future.

1But first, we want you to think ahead twenty years from now and imagine a life where you’ll be able to move carefree and have all the energy in the world to enjoy your favorite activities… all because you’ve stumbled upon the closest thing to the fountain of youth.

Imagine you are climbing the Spanish Steps in Rome…all 135 of them…with your family. You are almost to the top when your grandchildren say “race you to the top” and take off in a burst of giggles. You chase off after them and, in a burst of energy and to their astonishment, not only catch them but pass them. But, of course, as you near the top you slow down and let them win. Everyone laughs and high-fives and together take in the marvelous view of the Piazza di Spagna at the top. You get to mark that one off of the bucket list but more importantly you also get a special moment with your family that you can cherish forever.

Sounds great doesn’t it? What could be better? But what if you weren’t able to race up the stairs with your grandchildren because your body wasn’t fit and healthy enough. Because your joints ached. Because you just didn’t have the energy. Because you were too worried that you would fall and either hurt yourself or embarrass yourself. What if you had to walk so slowly and take so many breaks that the grandkids are no longer having any fun because they are too bored waiting on you? What if you couldn’t even climb the steps at all and had to wait at the bottom while the rest of your family created that special memory…without you?

2Let’s face it, the aging process is not kind and it wants to sap our bodies of stamina and vitality so that we aren’t able to enjoy special moments like these. Plus we end up spending so much money taking care of our health needs that we no longer even have the money to travel and visit family like we want to. It gets too expensive and our bodies can’t handle it.

This brings me back to the shocking statistic we wanted to share with you BEFORE it’s too late.

The shocking finding, which appears in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, looked at data from more than 3,000 people covered by Medicare in 2002-2008 to gauge the impact of health care cost on seniors.

Researchers measured how much Medicare-eligible seniors had spent out of pocket on healthcare in their last five years alive, and looked at how those costs weighed on their total household income.

After crunching the numbers, the report found that during that time period, more than 75 percent of Medicare-eligible households spent at least $10,000 out of pocket on health care.

3Spending for all participants during those last five years averaged $38,688, and for the remaining 25 percent, the average expense was even greater; they spent a whopping $101,791 out of pocket.

A quarter of participants also spent “more than their total household assets on healthcare,” according to the report.

In 2011, approximately 58% of people didn’t even seek treatment that they needed because it was too expensive, according to a survey done by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit research organization.
But why will you end up spending so much money on healthcare costs?…

Every Year You Are Losing Crucial Vitality

Functional ability is your ability to handle every day functions like going up and down stairs and picking up the TV remote off the floor. Things you may find easy now, but have no plans to keep it that way.

Without a strategic exercise plan, each year that you get older your functional ability decreases, making everyday activities like gardening, playing with grandchildren and even picking up a piece of paper off the floor much more difficult than it is now.

And unfortunately, this domino effect has a drastic impact on your energy levels. It’s how your body works. If your functional ability is minimal, your body has to work harder in order to do simple tasks.

This explains why your energy decreases as you age as well. Which brings me to the next question…

Twenty Years From Now, Do You Know for Certain You Will Have Enough Energy to Spend QUALITY Time with Your Family and Friends?

There are memories to be made with family reunions and vacations, as well as playing chasing games with your grandkids. There are people to help through volunteer efforts and charitable organizations you help with. There are loved ones to visit and take care of.

Your spirit says, “Yes”, but unfortunately, without a plan, your body won’t allow it.

5Your friends and family will be making memories, but all you will be able to think about are your aches and pains that just seem to not ever go away, no matter what you have tried… including way-too-expensive medications.

You soon realize that your body is holding you back from enjoying life to the fullest. You are mentally there with your friends or family in the moment, but physically, you want to be in bed asleep. You know this isn’t the best way to live.

Of course, you also have the infamous “bucket list”, those amazing experiences that you’ve always dreamed about that are now within your grasp. Ask yourself… how much of my bucket list have I accomplished?

There are places you want to see and even more memories that you would like to make, but if you have to deal with aches and pains and lack energy you won’t be able to pursue them. You don’t want that.

What if there was a solution for people just like you… who aren’t looking for the latest “fat loss” craze or looking to become the greatest athlete on Earth?

What if there was a done-for-you solution that improved your functional ability and energy levels and was tailored to your abilities?

You just want a simple, step-by-step plan that you can incorporate into your life right now to:

  • Discover renewed energy that recaptures your youthfulness so that you can do the things you’re doing now… even BETTER
  • Improve your confidence in your physical abilities so you get much more out of life and can say “Yes”, instead of “no thanks”
  • Dramatically increase your stamina and endurance so you can finally play a full round of golf or work in the yard for hours without your body being stiff and sore later.
  • Reduce or even eliminate any discomfort so you can actually get on the floor to play with your grandkids (and then easily get up again!)
  • Have the peace of mind that you will be fit and healthy 10, 20 or even 30 years from now.
  • Be confident that you will have the physical ability to enjoy all the adventures and wonders you have yet to accomplish.

There is a solution that we’ll share with you. But first, let’s look at why you’re reading this important message.

Why Other Plans Have Failed You
(and How Much You’re Really Spending).

The truth behind expensive medication is that it’s simply a quick fix and it doesn’t get to the root of your potential problem. Medication simply “masks” your lack of functionality as well as your aches and pains and you end up depending on it.

7In other words, if you stop taking the medication, you’ll continue to lack functionality and will continue to struggle with everyday activities as you age.

As you read in the study above, this becomes very expensive. Spending money on this medication means you don’t have the funds to do what you really want to do in life. But you don’t have a choice because if you don’t spend the money on your medication, your quality of life takes an immediate hit.

Now you’re probably thinking that exercise is a great option to avoid this as well as improve your health and it truly is!

But there is a downside…

The Programs On the Market Today
Were Not Made for People Like You.

Everything from infomercials to DVDs were created to make you sweat, but have no impact on what you’re trying to accomplish. You could take a walk on a hot summer day and sweat, but are you improving the quality of your life and will that impact your functional ability ten, fifteen, even twenty years from now?

8No, of course not. You’re also not trying to improve your bench press, either right? This is why other programs have failed you. They are focused on simply making you grind out long, grueling sessions that leave you feeling defeated instead of invigorated.

Think about it… when was the last time you were on an exercise program and stuck with it? It’s hard to stick to something that doesn’t do anything for you. The truth is that many programs do produce results but for the wrong people. The programs didn’t have YOU in mind.

Also, think about this… who is always on the cover of these programs and what kind of models are representing the programs?

It’s always a man or woman clearly in their 20’s or 30’s with six-pack abs jumping around or doing some kind of crazy exercise using expensive equipment and gadgets.

You don’t want that and it’s why you were smart enough to not invest in it. You’ve gotten wiser with age and perhaps you would have invested in something like that twenty years ago, but not this time. You’ve been looking for something more in touch with your wants and needs.

This is Exactly What We’re All About… Helping People Just Like YOU Improve Your Quality of Life and Discover Brand New Energy You’ve Had All Along with a Simple Step-by-Step System.

Hi, we are Cody Sipe, PhD and Dan Ritchie, PhD and our expertise is helping people just like you achieve maximum function for the rest of your life. We are experts in functional longevity and we want to share with you the same amazing success we have had with thousands of clients.

danritchieDr. Dan Ritchie

Dan Ritchie has a broad background in the fitness industry including training and management in commercial and university/hospital-based fitness, for-profit, not-for-profit and educational facilities. His primary areas of expertise are in personal training for special populations: athletes, pregnancy, blind, stroke recovery, Parkinsons, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, Fibromyalgia, Alzheimers, etc. He has worked with Division I athletes some of whom have been professionally drafted. He has also worked on state funded research on exercise for severe dementia alzheimers type. He regularly presents at national and regional conferences and has been active on committees for the American College of Sports Medicine. He is currently a Top 3 finalist for Personal Fitness Professional Trainer of the Year 2014. He received his PhD in Health and Kinesiology with a minor in Gerontology from Purdue University.

Dan recently was named the PFP magazine, Personal Trainer of the Year 2014 out of over 500 Trainers from 8 countries.

codysipeDr. Cody Sipe

Cody Sipe is a professor, award-winning fitness professional, clinical exercise physiologist, sought-after speaker, author and functional aging exercise expert with 20 years of experience. Cody has a passion for taking the most recent scientific evidence on exercise and aging from the lab and applying it in meaningful and practical ways for mature adults. His innovative, evidence-based exercise philosophies and strategies have helped thousands of fitness professionals and older adults around the world.

Cody has completed numerous certifications including the Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist credentials from the American College of Sports Medicine and the FallProof Balance and Mobility Enhancement Specialist certification. He is co-owner of Miracles Fitness, a training facility specializing in mature clients, and co-founder of the Functional Aging Institute.

We don’t train high-level athletes or even help 31-year old Moms train for a triathlon. Our passion is for people just like you who want to feel and look better and get a blueprint in order to have a better QUALITY of life well into their 60’s, 70’s and beyond.

Our unique and innovative training facility in Indiana is dedicated to baby boomers and we have helped thousands of people like you regain their youthful vitality and physical function.

We have invested thousands of dollars and spent countless hours into discovering what unlocks youthfulness and vitality at any age. What combats the aging process and maximizes your ability to continue doing what you love. What brings you a sense of purpose and a desire to do more. What helps you feel better when you wake up and when you fall asleep.

Through years of academic preparation, research, real-life application and teaching we have truly discovered what works for people just like you. We truly believe there is a fountain of youth in all of us and we are passionate about helping people discover it.

These are just a few of our inspiring stories from people we helped discover their fountain of youth:

Jo Ann Bloodgood

lindaJo Ann Bloodgood has faced her share of physical challenges—by pass surgery, two knee replacements, spinal fusions and Parkinson’s Disease. She knows that she must exercise routinely and she has faithfully done so for over five years at Miracles Fitness one of our facilities.

joann galapagos picShe had a long-suppressed desire to visit the Galapagos Islands, but when the opportunity arose she had valid doubts. Could she do it at age 80? The trip literature warned that it was a strenuous trip. Participants must be able to climb in and out of small Zodiac boats and must be able to walk over a mile if they wanted to see and enjoy the unique and fearless creatures that inhabit the islands.

Dr. Dan encouraged her to start slowly and gradually build up her strength and endurance, working on balance and stair climbing among other things.

Success! Jo Ann was able to do everything she wished to do on the trip. As proof, she shows off her dashing picture with her husband and of a Blue-footed Booby which was so close, she could have touched it while it was oblivious of the picture taker.

Linda Corbin

lindaI retired in July of 2011. I am loving retirement , but I also knew that I needed to keep busy. Now it is time to do some things I wanted to, but never took the time.

Probably 75% of people make a resolution to get in shape by eating healthy and exercising more, in January 2012, I decided to do the same.

I joined Miracles Fitness and to my surprise I really loved it. I have dieted and exercised on and off my whole life (more off than on in the last 20 years).

The trainers are absolutely awesome! I look forward to going and working out. These are words that I never thought would come out of my mouth! The workouts have encouraged me to watch my food intake as well.

One of the things I was really determined to do was, as that “65” came closer and closer, to not be on a bunch of pills. It seems like you start on one medication and more just keep getting added. My blood pressure was borderline 148/78. I have been a member for just three short months and it is down to 120/80.

I would be the last person in the world to say I can’t miss my workout and now I am thrilled to say it and totally mean every word.

Now I arrange my schedule, for the most part, around my workout times. I have earned it and I want to be able to continue to be healthy.

As mothers and grandomothers, we have a right to be selfish and take this time for ourselves… everyone benefits! Miracles is a good name for the fitness center because I truly think it is a Miracle that is has become such a big part of my life!

And they aren’t the only ones:

Drs. Doug Sprenkle and Sidney Moon

photo“Adventure travel is our passion. As seniors, personal training at Miracles Fitness has made possible what heretofore only younger bodies dared to try. In fact, we had to get special permission to hike on this glacier here in Los Glaciares National Park in Patagonia since the “rules” don’t allow anyone over 65 out on the ice. In spite of the steep pitches and dangerous footing, our personal training made the glacier hike, while challenging, very doable– as well as a lifetime memory. We think personal training has added at least a decade to our adventure travel careers.”

Tom Summer, MD

While crossing Alaska my brother and I would constantly be impressed by the image of Denali, the highest peak in North America, which seemed to challenge us each time we were in its vicinity. Eventually, my brother decided he needed to face that challenge. He had plenty of others – dealing with cancer as a young man and then the after effects of radiation which weakened his heart. He decided to put a climb together composed of cancer survivors. I decided I should go along to push myself physically and mentally and support what I felt was a very worthwhile cause. The climb was quite the adventure and my brother and I shared the exhilaration of standing together on the summit of one of the worlds most impressive mountains. I survived but realized I had been fortunate. I considered some other peaks, but really had been satisfied with my Denali effort and was not looking for another alpine adventure.

My daughter however, thought otherwise. A group of acquaintances of hers had decided to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. Again I felt an obligation to accompany a family member and keep them out of trouble while I shared the experience and supported a worthy cause. This time however, I felt I needed a bit more guidance in preparation for climbing another 20,000 foot peak in equatorial Africa. This is where Miracles Fitness and their staff came to my aid.

I still felt I had the ability and the reserves to attempt this climb, but the last thing I wanted was to be unprepared. I was able to work with several of their training staff, all of whom were knowledgeable and thorough. I tried to work out three times a week at Miracles and then additional days on my own. But I found I would not push myself enough on my own and required the ‘encouragement’ of my trainers to make the progress I needed. Mary Ehresman,in particular, seemed to take a special interest in my effort. Ultimately, I was able to keep up with the kids who made up the climbing party and shared another summit experience with my daughter on the top of Africa.

Finally, we have the opportunity to bring the blueprint we use with our own clients directly to you.

Welcome to your Instant Life Upgrade… a system especially designed with YOU in mind because it’s what we do.

Included in your Never Grow Old Fitness Program:



The Never Grow
Old Fitness Manual

Inside this book we lay out the entire program including simple strategies you can implement immediately into your lifestyle to feel and look better. You’ll discover you don’t have to live in a gym or even go to one to see results.

You’ll discover the “7 Keys to Functional Training” and how you can use these 7 specific steps to live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

You’ll also get plenty of pictures and descriptions of exercises, workout plans and more, but that’s just scratching the surface…

Follow-Along Exercise Videos Including:

1aLevel 1 Beginners
These workouts are designed for anyone new to exercise or returning to exercise.

These foundational workouts are a great starting point for anyone at any level, whether you have not exercised for 20 years or are an avid exerciser there are movements in here for everyone.

1aLevel 2 Advanced Beginners
Okay, now it is time to pick up the intensity and complexity a bit. These exercise routines will begin to challenge your balance and center of gravity more, as well as take the level of intensity to a more moderate pace.

1aLevel 3 Intermediate
These are the workouts that really will begin to separate your functional ability from that of your peers. With workouts that are challenging and intense, you will use muscles and movements you may not have used in years, and breathe new life into your physical functional ability.

1aLevel 4 Advanced
These workouts are not for the faint of heart. Please be sure you have mastered the intermediate level before attempting. These are the workouts that will train you to be prepared for any adventure you may want to tackle in life!


vid-science1The Science Behind the Never Grow Old Fitness Program Videos
During this presentation Cody will quickly explain to you how this program works and the scientific evidence supporting it. This is not just some random program. It has been strategically created to achieve maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time. This presentation will help you better understand why you are doing what you are doing in the exercise program. Plus, you will learn the essential “7 Keys to Functional Training” that are the foundation of the program.

vid-howtogetthemostHow to Get the Most Out of this Program Video
In this quick video you will learn the basic terminology, movements and equipment choices along with great tips and strategies that will fully prepare you for your first workout. Plus, we will help you figure out which level to start with and how to progress properly.

vid-dynamicwarmupDynamic Warm-up Videos
Inside these follow-along videos, Cody will walk you step-by-step through a proper warmup before an uplifting workout or even as an invigorating way to start your day.

vid-functionalflexFunctional Flexibility Videos
Tight muscles? Stiff joints? Let Cody teach you a simple and proven formula on how to eliminate these problems within just a few weeks or less!

Forget about expensive gadgets and equipment. You’ll be able to do these powerful workouts virtually anywhere using very little equipment. In fact, all you will need is resistance tubing or dumbbells.

You won’t be alone, either. Dan and Cody will be there every rep of the way, with workouts specifically designed to make you feel younger, give you vibrant energy and finally help you do the things you’ve always wanted to do BETTER… even if it’s just wanting to spend more QUALITY time with your family and friends.

The best part?…

These specially-designed workouts can be tailored right to your abilities and only last about 20 minutes.

That’s part of the secret of our system. Studies have proven to us that shorter focused workouts actually COMBAT the aging process.

Finally, You Can Live Your Life on YOUR Terms

Imagine telling your grandkids “Yes” instead of “I’m not feeling up to it”. Imagine twenty years from now doing the things you love to do now only doing them even BETTER… all because you took action on a proven system that reverses the aging process.

Instead of investing thousands of dollars in medications that will only “mask” your obstacles, why not use this PROVEN step-by-step system that will last a lifetime so that you NEVER grow “old”?

After all, Dan and Cody have already invested thousands of dollars worth of time and education to figure out what works for people just like you. And from the success stories above, you’ve already seen how powerful this system is.

Within minutes, you can have instant access to unlocking your inner fountain of youth and live a vibrant, healthy life full of energy and passion.

How Much Money Are You Willing to
Waste to Improve Your Quality of Life?

Save thousands of dollars and the headaches of trying new programs from infomercials that weren’t designed with you in mind. (Just look at the covers and models).

We’re also not kidding about saving thousands, either. Imagine the medical bills you could avoid as you become a healthier version of yourself.

You won’t have to travel all the way to Indiana to train with us either. You’ll get instant access to us as your coaches and mentors as you go through the simple step-by-step system…

… all for less than ONE session with us at our facility.

Let’s work together, every step of the way to living the vibrant life you deserve for just a one-time investment of $20.00.

Within weeks, you’ll see a difference in everyday activities as you bullet-proof yourself for the future. You’ll quickly discover an energy you haven’t experienced before. We see it every day in our facility. Now you can, too.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll discover your inner fountain of youth, have more energy, become stronger and DRASTICALLY improve your quality of life.

If you don’t see a difference AND more importantly, FEEL a difference with our system, we will gladly let you keep the entire system and we’ll refund every penny of your investment.

You read that right. If you’re not thrilled with our system, then we don’t want your money. Give it a test drive for a full 60 days and if it’s not exactly what we said it would be, we will give you your money back… PERIOD.

guaranteeIt’s time to get working on that bucket list,
Cody Sipe
Dan Ritchie

P.S. This done-for-you step-by-step system is what you’ve been looking for to finally enjoy life again. You didn’t stumble on this page by chance. If you truly want to get more out of life, then invest in yourself and take action immediately with this proven system.

P.P.S. Remember – if you’re not 100% satisfied within a full 60 days with this system and you don’t discover your inner fountain of youth, then we’ll gladly refund your entire investment PLUS let you keep the system. That’s how much confidence we have in our philosophy after seeing thousands of people change their lives.

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